Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh, Happy Day!

It's Farmer's Market Time! I didn't make the grand opening but I stumbled in on Friday and here is my weekend booty.

Confession time, I left out the coconut macaroons from the photo. There is a lovely stand from a bakery in Ventura and they have the most luscious macaroons and yes, I am addicted. So with all these wonderful veggies I sneaked in some cookies; shameful.

The carrots are so wonderful just scrubbed and eaten out of hand. I'm going to try roasting the asparagus and don't know about the leeks yet, any suggestions?

If you have local Farmer's Markets or crop share in your area please support them. Lil Bird has been participating in her crop share since June of last year. With Doodles being on the road this year I'm sure she'll stop at a few roadside stands to try the local produce. Remember, it's the independent farmer who's keeping the variety in the crops grown in this country.


Doodles said...

you can bet I will be stopping at many, many crop share farmers markets while toddling our way West.

Ellie said...

Look at those asparagus - what a beautiful colour! As for the macaroons, nothing to feel guilty about, it's all a balancing act! You have all this wonderfully healthy food, so what's a few macaroons here and there? ;)