Friday, April 06, 2007

The Easter Bunny made an early visit

During one of our visits to Ft Wayne, IN Doodles and I stumbled upon De Brands, a very local boutique candy shop. They have these outrageous chocolate creations so we bought a taste for both of us. The phrase, "To die for!" doesn't do they delicacies justice. When I returned home today I found this large box on my doorstep and inside, all bundled in insulation and various layers of freezer packs, was my Easter treat from my darling sister and brother-out-law. Love them both.

Here's the conundrum; do I tell my dearly beloved, who wasn't home at the time, I recieved these? Or, eat them all myself. No, I better tell him, he'll know from my chocolate breath.

Thanks, Doodles and Norm!


maltese parakeet said...

the easter bunny came to my office, too! all in the office agree that these were amazing.

thank you easter bunny, bok bok!

Doodles said...

they are amazing and glad all enjoyed. It is kinda cool something this good could be in Ft Wayne.

Chris said...

Oh my - times like this I wish I could eat chocolate...:)