Thursday, April 12, 2007

japanese inspired rice omelette

when we were in japan last year, i tried a funky japanese dish called "omelette rice." basically, it's a thin, crepe-style omelette wrapped around japanese rice (sticky, medium grained, cal-rose style) and topped with a savory sauce. it's served as a lunch dish. i liked it quite a lot. for some reason, i was dying for some omelette rice tonite. here's what i came up with:

rice omlette

the filling is brown rice mixed with cooked spinach, topped with a little mozarella cheese. the topping is a lime-dill hollandaise sauce. it took much longer than i thought and i wrecked the kitchen, but this was amazingly yummy, if i don't say so myself. unfortunately, what with the omelette and the hollandaise sauce, i've used up about a week's allowance of cholesterol and fat! but it was worth it.

a quick note on the hollandaise, i totally broke the first sauce. i got a little overzealous with adding the butter (my arm was tired from whisking) at the end and it was a grainy, oily mess. interwebs to the rescue. googling "fix break hollandaise sauce" got me to this page on making a great hollandaise. to fix it, all i had to do was whisk up a new egg yolk with some more lime juice then slowly whisk in the broken sauce. yes, i learned my lesson and went slowly this time and, as you can see from above, this technique totally worked!


Freya and Paul said...

i definitely want to give this a try, it sounds so good!

Doodles said...

dang that looks good and it is something that Uncle doodles would love. Must look into fixin that fat content........great job lil bird!

mooncrazy said...

I love the site that gives the fix for hollandaise. This looks like it might be a good dish for vegetarians.