Thursday, April 19, 2007

The gauntlet has been tossed

Food events are shameless attempts to enhance a blogs following and Freya and Paul at Writing at the Kitchen Table are, pardon the pun, cooking up a fine one. This Big Burger Ballyhoo 2007 comes just it time to limber up the BBQ muscle and cook up a mess o'burgers.

This is a challenge to all you burger-loving mommas and papas and especially the other women here at PBE, to get your boyga on. Plenty of time, May 15, is the deadline for entries. Check out their post for more info.


Doodles said...

Nothing, absolutely nothing is better than a greasy, messy BBQ'd burger.......I'm ready oh am I ready!

Freya and Paul said...

And, without absolutely any affiliation with the host of the Boiger Bash, I would like to second Mooncrazys call to arms...I mean tongs.