Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A new instrument to guide us

American Heart Associatin has something new on their web site that just may be worth while for some folks. This article is called face the fats and even comes with a fat translator. Who knew ya needed a translator?!? Haven't gone thru this site just read about it in the paper, however education is the tool we need to apply not the banning of a product IMHO.

Fellow foodie blogger Chris from MelCotte posted her round up about cooking to combat cancer, terrific idea Chris. Then Ilva and Joanna has another Heart of the Matter event coming up, this month DESSERTS.
Check out the site to see what you can contribute or maybe get an idea or two for a yummy, scrumptious, heavenly dessert. Man in my mind that is an oxymoron, but I know they exist.

I'm headed back over to check out the fat translator yikes...maybe I should go have another cup a tea first. But please let us know what you think!


Ilva said...

I checked it out but the food suggestions underneath are so completely different from what I eat so that part is useless for me. But interesting to see the calculations for the intake of fats and calories, Thanks for showing it to me!

Doodles said...

Ilva I am sure your eating regime is much healthier than our given the abundance of fresh foods available. That is where I believe that USA makes some big mistakes. We are a land of obesity and education is critical to young people. Thanks for stopping by.

Annie said...

Sound interesting. I have to give it a look see. Thanks for sharing :)

Ilva said...

But I actually think they are doing the right thing in showing the portions of fast food etc that you can eat, if that is the general reality (if you get what I mean)calculations have to made on that plus that they try to educate the young and then they can change what they calculate on. I'm not adverse to eating a little junk food occasionally but not as a rule and not too often.

Doodles said...

How true - education is the key to just bout everything. So E for effort I say.
And opposed to junk nah!!! not me just not often.

Annie good to see you - where you been girl!?