Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Pullet Surprise

Since the deadline for our Pullet Surprise is March 26th.....thought I would get this in now. We will post all our entries on March 31.

Hard boiled eggs have always been a nemesis of mine. I could never get it right. At times the yolk would be gray around the edges and terribly unappealing, other times I couldn't remove the shell without tearing up the egg, terribly frustrating.

While having friends over one nite for dinner the subject turned to food and in particular egg salad. Mr Doodles mentioned I love egg salad but Doodles never can boil an egg good enough to make one of my favorite lunch items. So the male friend piped up and said I have a fool proof way to cook eggs, I'll tell you how and you can make us egg salad for lunch. You're on I say.

My method of boiling on egg...............
  • place eggs in cold water
  • put a good handful of table salt in the water bring to a boil and boil eggs for eight to nine minutes
  • turn off heat, put lid on pot and time for eight to nine more minutes
  • remove eggs from pot and put in ice water
  • Salt hardens the shell making it easy to remove.
  • Larger eggs require the nine minutes.
I learned this method from my friend the cop, so now Mr Doodles is happy getting his egg salad once in awhile.

Now I'm sure you have your very own foolproof method but this is mine and it works for me.......but please share yours if you care to.


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Thanks for your method on boiling eggs. I always seem to get that gray on my eggs. I guess its because I always boiled them for 30 min. just to make sure they were cooked.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Me again, just wanted to let you know I posted my recipe on my blogg.
I will send you my email.

Sylvie said...

Please forgive me. I have been overwhelmed with all sorts of demands these last few months. I wish I could participate in this year's Pullet award but I ran out of time. Can't wait for the results. Luv you all.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I'm rechecking how to boil eggs (WHO EVERY SAID I WAS A GOOD COOK?). This time I'm writing it down.

Thanks for the help!