Monday, March 10, 2008

Food Bloggy Pets of the Month for March

Buddy Dog needed a special treat. Since he's such a good camper I mixed up a batch of his favorites. I thought I'd made them too thin but he seemed to enjoy the crunchiness. There are a multitude of pet treat recipes out there, just Google. Here is a fun site, The Poop. Do remember that there are many human food that can poison your pets.

Here are our Food Bloggy Pets for March:
The Candied Quince has a good explanation of her dog Milo's name and a dynamite recipe for ice cream.

Sisters of the White Rose have a people recipe and their dog dressed appropriately. Check out there post for Chinese New Year. (Sorry, we didn't get a pix of the dog, maybe next time)

Pretty birdy! Ripley, a Cockatoo knows the importance of a good breakfast. Visit Little bits and you can learn, too.

Here are a few non-food blog friends from Hometalk that read PBE.

This is Buster, an Australian Shepard, waiting for his treats. His momma, Lenie is in the kitchen dishing up a bowl.

Second is Halo. Here she is with her bib all ready for a meal. Halo resides in the snowy tundra of Hoosierland and is waiting for Spring.

This is Wilbur waiting for a walk or maybe a cookie

And now, the women of PBE Pets!

Dude, hurry up! Well, that is what Buddy Cat would say if he could. This curious cat lives with our own Doodles and Mr Doodles and loves water, he just can hardly wait to get in.

Here's Buddy on the latest camping trip. He likes to head off to bed early so he has enough energy for the next day.

Last, but hardly the least, is a video an pix from lil bird. This is Multi, one of her sweet Maltese, who is quite the chow hound.

Here is Max, hiding. He must have been watching primary election returns.

Thanks to all the sender-inners for this month. We'll give this another try in April. Deadline-April 30. Roundup sometime the next week. We are still working with a broken wrist.

Need more info? Check this post. How to get on Food Bloggy Pets of the Month.
Don't forget to include:
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LisaRene said...

Hello you three! Great idea that I'm certain will catch on. I'll pass the word. Who doesn't love to show off their beloved pets :) And pets with food, what could be better!

The are all so cute, though I must admit I am partial to wiener dogs myself :)

Hope you mend quickly and completely.