Sunday, March 02, 2008

Calling All Pets

It's time for Food Bloggy Pets of the Month for March.
This months deadline will be Thursday, March 6. Look for the roundup by Friday, March 7.
  • Post your photo of your pet on your blog, hopefully with a food related entry
  • Have a link to PBE on that post,
  • E-mail us the permalink; the link that goes just to that entry
  • Send a small photo of your pet for our page
  • PBE will post all these links and photos together for all to see
  • Visitors to our site click to find a wonderful new Food Blog
  • You get to share the furry love of your life and add some new visitors
  • We get to see some furry faces, or feathered, or scaly. We are still waiting for someone to produce a reptile photo.
E-mail, if you have any questions about how to send your files.


Tania said...

I tried to join in this event and sent you an e-mail for a post featuring my mini-dachshund, but I'm not sure if you received it. Please let me know if I need to re-send it!

LisaRene said...

Hello, looking for an update on your roundup date so I can adjust my blog accordingly.