Thursday, August 09, 2007


Another reason to love summer is our peaches. We get them all the month of August from local farms and they are yummy. I buy just a few each week so I have them on hand for fruit smoothies. My beloved enjoys that for breakfast when he knows it's going to be a hot morning.

The other night I had guests and wanted a light bit of sweet for dessert. Grilled Peaches sounded good so here's what I did:
  • beat together some heavy cream and mascarpone cheese
  • pealed and cut it half some fresh peaches
  • lightly oiled with canola oil both sides of the fruit
  • grilled on a hot grill for about two or three minutes a side--don't move them you want those wonderful grill marks
  • sliced some pound cake and assembled the dessert
I decided I could have even done without the pound cake and just a dollop of whipped cheese on the bottom and top. This was quite tasty, light and a great end to a meal.


maltese parakeet said...

i've always wanted to try that!

Deborah Dowd said...

This looks like a delicious experiment! Especially with summer peaches!

Ed Tep said...

Oh yum! Grilled peaches seem like the perfect summer dessert.