Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mexican Sauces

In the spirit of house cleaning I ran across this photo and can't believe I didn't post this. While at my local ethnic market a few months ago I noticed these little packages of sauces and because I'll buy anything that's new and compact, only four ounces, to have on hand I picked up a few plus they were only a half a buck. What a bargain.

Now, I don't use very many canned products because they are usually loaded with sodium and they never taste as fresh so why bother. Well, these little packs are great to throw into something that needs a little lift. I put one in the rice the other night and it was great. I was amazed to fine they had a nice fresh taste. One of the kitchen staples you need when the fresh tomatoes, in the winter, are tasteless.


Sylvie said...

Isn't it fun to find something in your pantry that you totally forgot about.

mooncrazy said...

Yes, Sylvie, now if I could just find that winning lotto ticket!

Chris said...

Hmm - I have never seen anything like these!