Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Dog, Cat and Bird Days of August

Welcome to our first Food Bloggy Pets of the Month for August. So many of our Foodie Friends have animals they love so we thought we'd give them a little blog time. Thanks to all who've sent a link and don't forget to visit these adorable pets on their food blogs.

Didn't make this month's deadline? Check out the procedure for September. Don't forget your link back to PBE

Our very first is darling Ziggy from Soul Fusion Kitchen. Seems like he was quite the party animal and was "over-served". Take a well deserved nap, Ziggy. Hopefully we'll see your eyes next month.

***************************************************************************Next we have Chester, a Cockatiel in Laura Rebecca's Kitchen who seems to have an interest in cooking, ahem, and not being cooked. Laura's repainted the blog. You look marvelous in pink!

Mr Woofy joins us, too. What a big fluffy darling he is after his bath even if it does put him in a funk. Ellie at Kitchen Wench, his caretaker, has a very thoughtful post this month. If you care about food and the environment take a look.

One of PBE's own is Buddy the cat and since Doodles and Company are in Canada with no 'net connection I knew she'd want to participate in our first ever Bloggy Pets.

Looks like Buddy the cat called "shotgun" first and Doodles is in the back seat but what actually happened is their truck is so wide the two of them can sit comfortably together.

Buddy is having a great time on the road though is said to enjoy their time camp because he gets his human's full attention.

Read more about Buddy and the Gypsy Caravan on Doodles other blog: Tombstone Tumbleweed.

Another on of PBE's pets is Buddy the dog, I know it can be confusing but rest assured, they are never in the same house at the same time.

Buddy dog lives with me, Sister Moon and my beloved. He seems a bit retrospective but in actuality he's just waiting for dinner.

These are lil bird's doggies and as you can see, the two have just finished their spa treatments and are relaxing with my beloved. Max is on top, he's the youngest and Multi is tucked on the side. They are all watching the baseball game, Go Dodgers.

What's on their menu? Only the finest whitefish and sweet potato casserole. No recipes here for that one.

Thanks to our participants. Look back next month for another installment of Food Bloggy Pets of the Month.


Laura Rebecca said...

Such a funny post title.

Thanks for hosting!

Sylvie said...

Great participation. Luv the title also and that all pets are included. See you next month.

Ellie said...

Awww, the fuzzy fuzzy cuteness! :D

(sorry, it's half past midnight and this is all the eloquence that I'm capable of right now. Fuzzy. :D)

mooncrazy said...

Yes, we had a few but they are wonderful. Hope to see you all next month.