Friday, March 16, 2007

To my amazement!

Not that each and every food blogger isn't a star in their own right - but - I opened the food section of my paper this morning and see an article titled Memories that make you Hungry. Knowing this writer sometimes writes about food bloggers I started to read and low and behold it is about none other than our very own Ellie of Kitchen Wench. Check out her event on Nostalgia

Better get a move on cause her deadline is March 23. If you just wanna see a great food blog just wander over to read up on the happenings and cooking and musings of the Kitchen Wench

I'm gonna go see if I can find some great nostalgia that also includes, sister moon and lil bird - stay tuna'd!


Ellie said...

Thanks again for letting me know about this :D And I hope you can take part, I love reading about the three of you and your (cooking) hijinks :)

mooncrazy said...

That is too cool! She even gives Ellie's e-mail. Wow, what a small global village we live in.

Doodles said...

ellie you are so very welcome! I would be interested in know if you got any visitors from that article. And hopefully Sister moon and I are going to participate in your event but what with lil birds busy schedule not so sure.