Thursday, March 01, 2007


there is something magical about the combination of spinach and phyllo dough. i was thrilled, therefore, to read mele cotte's post on spanakopita . it actually looked easy to make! so i gave it a try. and then i remembered why i hate working with phyllo dough. ugh, it always comes with giant tears down the center! anyway, i was excited to try this recipe because i had some spinach from our crop share and i had just made my first foray into homemade cheese. i tried out michael chiarello's fresh ricotta recipe - so easy! a gallon of milk, a quart of buttermilk and some heat. what could be simpler? (notes, i would only drain it about 10 minutes next time). here's the ricotta:

homemade ricotta

and thanks to mele cotte, the spanakopita turned out great:



Kalyn said...

Very impressive. I love Spanakopita, and one of my Greek friends has even taught me the correct way to pronounce it (with the emphasis in the *ko* syllable!)

mooncrazy said...

I wanted to try Chiarello's recipe. Did it make a lot?

maltese parakeet said...

i did a half recipe (1/2 gallon of milk and 1/2 quart of buttermilk) and it made everything you see in the picture. i would say it was about a cup and a half, maybe a little more.

wheresmymind said...

Damn that looks great

Chris said...

ooooh!!!!!!!!! You are welcome! I am so excited you tried this! Looks so, so yummy! Thanks for trying something I made.

doodles said...

I order this when dinning out but never attempted on me own.

as jeff says damn that looks good ;)