Saturday, March 31, 2007

Something new added to my repetoire...

Coulis = koo ~ lee
a sauce made with puréed vegetables or fruit and used as a base or garnish.

I have had raspberry coulis many times while dinning out. It is usually served/ordered by me with some decadent white chocolate dessert that I probably shouldn't have ordered in the first place - but then never to be one to refuse the aforementioned. I always think this sauce must be easy to make, I must look into doing so.
One of the reasons is I am needing to use up items in the freezer cause it won't be long now before we move. So I have looked into doing so, in fact I made some

Method so very simple: berry of choice in a blender with a tablespoon or two of honey. Here's the hard part after blended berries must be put thru a fine seive/strainer, need to remove the seeds.
Now I must come up with a Heart Healthy dessert to go with this yummy sauce. I made raspberry and blueberry coulis from frozen berries~~~stay tuna'd~~~

So start thinking about heart healthy desserts, send as many entries you want to Joanna who is doing the roundup and remember that the last day is 22 of April.


Ilva said...

Oh ye faithful! You are treasure my dear Doodles! I'm sure you will come up with something delicious!

Freya and Paul said...

The coulis looks delicious! Perhaps you can find a heart friendly cheesecake. They always go so perfectly with fruit.