Saturday, May 05, 2007

weekend dog and garden blogging

inspired by my experience with the crop share and the urban homestead folks in pasadena, i decided to try my hand at some container gardening up on my rooftop/patio/balcony area. my patio was recently re-roofed, thanks to some skillful handyman and general contractor services , courtesy of my pa, which means i actually want to go up there again. so, in late february, i got me a copy of the bountiful container and started reading and planning. a few weeks later, i started planting. i thought i would start from seeds for a lot of things (except tomatoes) and after a few weeks of watering dirt and watching nothing come up, i gave that up and bought some seedlings for most of the rest of the plants. i've since learned to sprout seedlings on my kitchen window sill, which has been helpful.

at present, my little container garden is growing well. the edible portions include: tomatoes (salad size red and lemon boy); cucumbers; thai bird chilis; jalapeno peppers; nasturtium; lettuce; green garlic; green onions; chives; oregano; mint; thyme; basil; tarragon; sage; and rosemary.

here're some pictures of my growing little garden on a sunny saturday morning:

container garden - tomatoes, cucumbers/nasturtium and peppers (l to r)

baby tomato


thyme, mint & oregano


and, because it's the weekend, here's a snap of my houndlettes soaking up the sun. i call it "still life with dogs and herbs" for sweetnicks' weekend dog blogging:

still life dogs with herbs
max & multy

Update: It turns out this is the last weekend dog blogging ever, so make sure to go check it out. thanks cate, for so many of weekends of dogs!


Doodles said...

the boys look wonderful - but the garden is looking wonderful - yeah you!

mooncrazy said...

Still Life for sure, those doggies aren't moving a bit.

It looks good we'll expect OUR crop share, soon.

Sylvie said...

Your garden is coming along quite well. I bet you can hardly wait for those vine ripened tomatoes.

Doodles said...

Oh I just thought of something - don't let uncle near those tomatoes if they are ripe - he'll snatch em.

Ellie said...

Awww, the furbabies!! They look so cute and fluffy and sleepy!! *tries in vain to reach through the computer screen to give 'em cuddlings*

Anonymous said...