Monday, May 01, 2006

Yes, we have no meatballs

Since I like to be fair I sent the link to my Fantastically Mediocre post to Johnny Carinos. I was not expecting anything but I did get an e-mail reply with words like, apologize, discuss this with the general manager, and gift certificate. Gift certificate? Yes, I'd be happy to try your restaurant again. I'm not only fair but forgiving especially when the director of operations sends me 30 bucks to try this again.

I'd love to sing their praises but all I could manage after our dinner last week would be a sour one note. First, we went at 5:30 p.m. No we aren't that old, we had other things to do that evening. The service was just as lackluster, our salad plates stayed on the table until our entree came, which was wrong so I sat looking at my Chicken Scaloppini while they replaced the potatoes with pasta as Dan ordered. He was specific about that when he ordered. That guy sure does love his pasta.

The Scaloppini was good and it was served hot but I ordered the Garlic Potato Cheese soup and it was so thick it was more like a dip. When I asked the server if it's always this thick he said he thought it was a little thicker tonight. I wonder if he would have served the chicken if he "thought it smelled a bit off tonight." He asked if I wanted something else but since he had my entree in his hand I'd rather eat that while it was warm. Little did I know. Dan's Grilled Italian Sirloin was ok but had cooled while they got the potato issue solved.

While we were waiting for our check--where do these waiters go--I heard a waiter tell the table behind us they were out of meatballs. An Italian restaurant out of meatballs before 6:00 p.m., amazing, I give them a few more months before they are out of customers, too.


doodles said...

too bad isn't it that customer service has gone away. The industry must wake up - we not only want customer service ~ we want to bring back the 9 inch plate.

La Vida Dulce said...

How can a big chain restaurant operate like that? Well, maybe not for much longer if they don't realize the customer is Numero Uno.