Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Food Challenge # 1--reminder

Don't forget Peanut Butter Étouffee's first ever food challenge, The Grill of my dreams is this weekend. It's time to haul out those bbqs, dust off those grills, and cook up a storm this Memorial Day holiday then send us your "no-fail crowd pleasing bbq'd anything recipe"submissions.

What to submit?

Any recipe or blow-by-blow description of what happened on your grill over the three-day holiday.

How to submit?

Just click this e-mail link and send us your "permalink" or if you don't have a blog, send the text and we'll post it for you-- don't forget the photos. Our deadline will be June 1 for submissions then give us a few days to post links to all the appropriate sites.

Where to send?

E-mail your permalink to or use this link.


Lea said...

I am SO on it! I'm thinking of mayhaps grilled duck breasts... mmm.....

mooncrazy said...

I've never grilled duck though last weekend we did buffalo steaks. They were quite tasty. Let us know what wine you pared with the duck.

Lea said...

plans have changed! Its not duck!

chicken, tho I know its not the most exciting ingredient... its been marinading in the fridge since last night =D