Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A little help here for the camp cook, please

Ah, spring in Southern California and all thoughts turn to cast iron. No? Well, mine do. Our big, once-a-year camp out is approaching and I'm getting excited. A few years ago I added my love of cooking to the camping experience which truly makes me a happy camper.

Outdoor Dutch Ovens. They are a challenge but maybe that's the appeal. Anyone can cook a stew in the oven but I can take my cast iron cookers and have a fantastic meal at the beach or any other place without electrics. We camp in that tiny trailer pictured above called a teardrop and before you scream, yes we sleep in there, too.

Every year we camp at Lake Perris with about 100 other of these little trailers and have so much fun. Trading stories and recipes, meeting new people, or re-acquainting with friends--it's lots of fun.

Saturday is always a gi-normous potluck dinner but last year someone decided to add a Friday night potluck for Outdoor Dutch Oven enthusiasts. Bring your cast iron, whether experienced or brand new, it's great to make new friends and learn something new about the challenges of cooking outdoors.

Last year I made a Cast Iron Apple Pie and chili verde; both a big success. This year I'm looking for something new so here's a big request. What should I make? It should be a dish able to simmer in one pot or bake in an oven for about 1-2 hours. Does anyone have an idea for me? Most of the prep is outside and my working space is usually a picnic table.

Reply in the comments and if you have a link to the recipe that would be great. I'm leaving next week so don't let that suggestion go to waste, leave me with an idea or two. I'll give you credit at the potluck.

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