Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring time asparagus

if you are an asparagus lover this is just the best time.
We are big time asparagus fans and have it quite often in a variety of of which is the omelet I made recently.

saute up a bit of the tender, fresh asparagus............I like my asparagus a bit crunchy and definitely not mushy.

add the sauted asparagus and some of your favorite cheese that you shredded not that already shredded dry stuff you buy in the market, add that to your eggs and VOILA!!!

Asparagus Omelet


Moon said...

When this first was posted I was deep into being sick so food; last thing on my mind. Now this looks so good I can't wait to find some asparagus. Love the closeup.

With eggs, I've not been shredding my cheese but cutting it into little cubes. More work, way more work but when you take a bite you get big creamy bits; more chezzy taste.

You think I'm hungry?

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