Saturday, March 07, 2009

bad yet remarkably neat dog

bad yet remarkably neat dog
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i forgetfully left an open box of cheez-its within dog reach. when i got home from work, the dogs had gotten into the box. if you look in the bottom left of the corner of the photo, you can see that they pulled the inner bag out of the box, then completely emptied the bag into a neat pile. i like to imagine them running back and forth to the cheez-it pile all day long to take one cheez-it at a time. however, it's more likely that this had just happened right before i got home and i caught them in the act.

fwiw, they didn't get in trouble for this, it was my fault for leaving the box within their reach. i made max sit by the cheez-it pile for the photo. i was just lucky i caught him licking his lips when i snapped the pic.


Doodles said...

ahhhhhhhh yes the angelic Max HA!!!

Moon said...

This pix makes me laugh. God, aren't animals a joy!

natalie said...
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