Friday, February 19, 2010

Throw me somethin' mister

My friend Crystal, who was born in New Orleans, told the story of how she got her name. When they'd pass by this sign her momma 'n them would tell her that's where they got the idea for her name, Crystal Preserves. I found this photo on the Crystal Hot Sauce site. It made me smile because our dear Crystal died a few years back and I sure do miss her, especially around Mardi Gras. Even though she was transplanted to California she always planned our Mardi Gras "feast" at work complete with "throws" she'd collected. She was a doll.

Sorry you're not with us anymore Crystal but, wherever you are, I know you've written and directed a play, sewed all the costumes--and made a great pot of red beans and rice for the after party.

Let the good times roll,
Crystal M. St. Romain
July 8, 1957 - May 16, 2003

In Crystal's honor I made a big pot of Red Beans and Rice. Everyone has their favorite recipes and I'm no different, but I did tweak it a bit. I didn't simmer the beans on the top of the stove but here's what I did.
  • Soak one pound of beans over night in four quarts of water and three tablespoons salt.
  • Drain and rinse the beans and add them to ovenproof pot with onions, celery, green pepper and a ham bone. Then cover with water and bring to a simmer.
  • Place the covered pot in a 250 degree pre-heated oven to cook for one hour. Test the beans and cook longer if not done. They should be soft throughout.
This is a great way to cook the beans. The skins were not tough but the bean was not falling apart, either. I always mash half the beans and they were nice and creamy. I added some smoked sausage and it was a fine pot of beans but since I'm the only one that eats Red Beans, I had to freeze the rest. None will go to waste because this is a dish that freezes well.


Doodles said...

Only was arond Crystal a couple of times but what a sweetheart. She was the one that introduced me to Cowboy Poetry.

Moon said...

Yes, I remember going to see her friend read his poetry at Borders. That was different.

maltese parakeet said...

i used to drive by that sign every day on the day to work and when the wind was right, you could smell the hot sauce cooking. i heard their factory was all but destroyed by hurricane katrina and they had to move their operations to metairie, so i don't think that sign is even there any more. we have eleventy-two bottles of their hot sauce in our house, though, so the memory lives on.

Grandma Poppi said...

Silly question. What happened to the rice??

Moon said...

Grandma, not silly at all. I just make a pot of rice, nothing special. The star of the show are the beans and just put a scoop of rice on top.