Saturday, October 13, 2007

yes, i'm alive

i apologize for being such a flake, but i've been quite busy with my [ahem] "career." it appears that i have, perhaps unwittingly, put some things in motion that are taking my career to the "next level," and have triggered things like meetings, conference calls, schmoozing, speaking engagements, etc...oh, and, allegedly keeping up with my clients, as well. i'm trying not to panic. obviously, i haven't been cooking a ton. in fact, for dinner last night, we ate something embarrassing and that something rhymes with shmaco shmell. i'm not proud. add that to the fact that our wireless router, which was less than a year old, took a total crap so my internet was basically out. we spent about a month or so trying to trace the problem and then about a month or so in denial about it before we finally broke down and ordered a new one. anyway, all this complaining is by way of explaining that the last couple of months have been a perfect storm for me not posting on pbe.

during the time of broken internet, i did cook a few things and save pictures, so i'll have a few things to put up soon. here's the first one: baked cod with panko crust.

panko cod

i've never tried panko bread crumbs at home. cate over at sweetnicks l-o-v-e-s them, so i finally broke down and tried them. i didn't think the cod was too bad, but i don't think my husband loved the result. the rest of the plate was pretty tasty, though: quinoa cooked in chicken broth with rosemary, garlic and olive oil; white beans with sage and balsamic brown butter; and homegrown tomatoes with balsamic, olive oil and basil. all the herbs were from my herb garden.


Moon said...

Panko is good but I've discovered there are different sizes, for lack of a better term, and that some are just too crunchy. I think I bought the Shards of Panko variety and must kronch them a bit.

Doodles said...

I like panko but only the fine size. Not always easy to find. Panko on fish is my favorite.
Good to see you lil bird ;)

Deborah said...

When I worked at the restaurant, we had a couple of dishes that used Panko, and those were always my favorite breaded dishes. I've never cooked with them though.
Glad the professional life is taking off!

Chris said...

schmoozing...oh the things we do. I am glad to hear of your next steps! Great job.

I love Panko. I just made Halibut with Panko and it came out delicious!