Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't give up on us

We have no excuse other than we are slugs with this food blog lately. If we were to offer something it would be our busy, odd schedules that seem to rule our lives. Doodles, taken by the Gypsies, Lil Bird, chained to her desk and me, well, I am trying to get noticed in the art world; make that art county.

Other blogs seem to run smoothly with loads of photos and recipes while ours languishes with past successes. I'd be embarrassed to show what I've been cooking lately. Throwing a chicken breast on the BBQ and opening a bag of salad with, I know, the horror--bottled dressing. We haven't even been eating out unless you count the takeout from Baja Fresh.

The approaching holidays scare the bejebus out of me. I always cook up quite a pile of Christmas goodies for friends--can't disappoint them--but can't find the time, either. I'm sure it will all come together, it always seems to.

Will we get back to it? I've confidence we will. All three of us have a love for cooking; eating, too so life will settle after a while and out of that dust should come some great recipes.


Joanna said...

There's no chance of giving up on you - you're there in my feed reader, and I'm always pleased to see that one of you has posted ... if not, well, we've all got lives too, so we understand.

Christmas - why do we get ourselves so worked up about it? On the other hand, it's lovely to make things for friends - better than going out and shopping for stuff no-one wants and few of us can really afford. But no-one wants a present that has stressed out their friend ...

Hope it all goes well, and that we hear from you occasionally

Best wishes

Doodles said...

Oh we are a bunch of excuse - just way too much on our respective plates and our respective lives.

Guilt seems to have taken over with every item I cook I judge it by well this wasn't what I had in mind for the food blog.

I too am confident of our triumphant return. Oh my don't remind me of the HOLIDAYS fast approaching lordy, lordy, lordy!

Moon said...

Thanks, Joanna.