Thursday, July 19, 2007

Introducing Mexican food to Canadians

Our dear friends the Nutz, Mr D and Ms G are Mexican food challenged. Not that the group doesn't care for it, they just didn't know what to order. Mr Nutz is a meat and spuds kinda guy so Mexican food was a tad bit of a challenge.

Here's the scenario...Mr Nutz drives by this place he says looks interesting and has breakfast with lotsa cars in the lot, always a good sign.

So we venture to The Monterrey House for dinner that nite as Mr Doodles and I are going to educate/suggest food items. We soon discover the place does not have a liquor license however the food aroma coming from the kitchen convinces me this is a good choice and the group agrees.

The six of us are led to our table by a sweet young man, come to find out he is the owners son and our lovely waitress happens to be sons fiance. I explain to them that four of the group had never had good Mexican food before. Being the good marketing person he is, the young man prompltly went to the kitchen for some samples. One of which was a chilli queso.

Now most folks use chilli queso as a dip which is fine and very good. However the Monterrey House takes a very small corn tortilla fried flat and crisp, then spreads a thin layer of the cheese sauce on top. Now it is what you put in the cheese sauce that makes it tasty, let me tell you these were tasty!!! And I know the cheese was not the velveeta thick gooey cheese, this was the real stuff. Google chili con queso and you will come up with a boat load of recipes. But do try it the way we had it served.

Let's see what they had, tacos. which were a big hit because they were fresh tortillas, crisp. Mr N had a cheese enchiladas, Mrs N had a chalupa and a stuffed burrito which she barley touched because of the size. Mr D enjoyed his stuffed burrito with the green chile sauce on the side. Ms G is a big guacamole fan so the guacamole salad was a must as well as a taco and I'm not sure what else. I had their chile relleno, which were wonderful, light and fluffy along with the obligatory refried beans which I love and these were quite good. In fact as good as a tasty spot in Oxnard that we used to dine with family.

And then the waitress ask if we want sopapillas.......HELLOOOOO!!!! If you read my previous post I'm a big fan of sopapillas. And the ones she brought out were perfect little light and airy pillows of fried bread dough and lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar with of course the bowl of honey to dip if ya want. Needless to say that topped off the meal and all were happy Canadians. I might add that I was the only non-Canadian as Mr Doodles was born and raised in the same area these fine friends came from.

So if you are ever in Golden, Colorado make it a point to go to The Monterrey House for breakfast, lunch and do include dinner. You will be glad you did....oh and tell them the Canadians sent you.

Oh and stay tuna'd cause we are driving onto the Plains of these United States....must be some good farmers markets just around the corner I HOPE!

ps....sorry there are no pics of the above dining fiesta - how could I forget my camera DUH!!!

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too bad no pixs. I'd have loved to see Mr Nutz!