Sunday, June 24, 2007

RV Birthday dinner

We pulled into Salt Lake City and noticed that we are now on mountain time. So it was a bit late to head to the city. We decided to stay home bound and I would fix Mr Doodles a birthday dinner.

I am still finding cooking in the RV a bit of a challenge for lack of space. I'll adjust, I just had hoped it would have been before now.

The above photo is of noodles, roasted pork and green peas . A similar meal was prepared by sister while we were visiting. And I had remembered how tasty that meal, so I shopped Trader Joe's when we were in Carson City, NV and I was able to find the very same tasty egg noodles that sister used. Tasty because they taste so very fresh. Pork came from Costco, already roasted, sneaky huh! And the peas came outta the freezer.

I re-heated the pork in a skillet with about a 1/4 cup of beef broth, cooked the noodles according to package directions and heated the peas. I know this is not gourmet or anything new but I was darned pleased I could prepare this meal in an RV.

By the way I hope you folks in the US have a Trader Joe's in your of the main reasons I left Florida, no Trader Joes.

To continue about the above meal, Mr Doodles enjoyed his birthday meal, but I think the trip to the Cold Stone Creamery out did my RV meal. Cold Stone refers to a visit to their stores "the ultimate ice cream experience". I will strive to have the ultimate RV meal..........stay tuna'd


mooncrazy said...

Happy Birthday Mr Doodles! Your present will be in Denver. Oh, you lucky RVers; I wish I was with you.

Doodles said...

awwwww....still haven't located your present HAR! I sure wish you were with us too.

wheresmymind said...

Where the spices at??? lol

Ellie said...

Happy birthday to Mr Doodles :) I hope the travelling is going well!