Friday, October 15, 2010


When I think of fall food that I look forward to pears they are at the top of my list for many reasons

After browsing the food magazines the other day I beat feet to the local food purveyor and bought me some pears.  I ended up with bartlett, not that that is a bad thing mind you, but I am looking forward to trying a forelle.

Pears and cheese go quite well together your favorite soft ripened cheese or a very sharp cheddar.  But think about making pear sauce instead of applesauce.

Add some cranberries and served with a pork loin you just cooked on the grille.

Just enjoy the fall pears, then you can concentrate on the pumpkins , gourds and such that are making their appearance  as well.

the little known Forelle when  ripe, cut open and you will see a blushing pear
I have a pear tart recipe I need to post for you soon.

from Washington and Oregon the very popular Comice

your basic bartlett

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