Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gooey Butter Cake

Those three words just say it ALL!!

Sure wish I would have taken a photo of the cut piece with the homemade banana nut ice cream on top. I know good lord I'll have to walk an extra mile of three.

I have heard of this cake but had never, until last nite, had the pleasure of an up close and personal meeting with this tasty treat.

A small gathering of friends got together to say our farewell and best wishes for a wonderful couple that for med reasons must go home for the summer.

One of the gals that works here put the function together and brought this cake while her dear husband made the ice cream. There weren't many of us but the company was enjoyed as well as the desserts.

Try googling gooey butter cake and see the many, many items that come up. Well it seems that when you Google the cake and put in the word butter guess whose name comes up...............Paula Deen = butter. In spite of the Deen connection I did like the cake a LOT!!!  But my thighs are in pain!!


Moon said...

Homemade ice cream? I feel faint.

Anonymous said...

I made this once for thanksgiving...but it was the pumpkin version. All the pumpkin loves and butter lovers...well loved it!
happy eating

Moon said...

I made this on Friday and I have to say, it's damn easy and quite good. Very rich and sweet so I didn't use the 16 oz of powered sugar but 14 oz. It was plenty sweet.