Saturday, April 25, 2009

I found my meatball

I have found many recipes on Simply Recipes that I have kept in my library of favorites. But this one for her meatballs is just the best..............and when my sweet husband raves about a new recipe I know I have a winner.

The addition of ricotta cheese makes for a great taste in my humble opinion. And yes I did add freshly grated parmesan cheese once plated. But lately I have been so bad about taking any photos while cooking I just jumped the gun a bit. I opened a new bottle of wine from a local vineyard we just happened to visit here in Arizona. Beautiful winery and if you like dark red wines you would like this CABERNET SAUVINGNON

Back to the recipe if y'all like meatballs I think you might like this recipe. The recipe makes a bunch so we will be having meatball subs for lunch and the rest I froze.


Moon said...

looks tasty but I'm interested in Arizona wines. I didn't realize they made wine there. More info, please.

City Girl said...

Meatballs should always be made by the metric ton and frozen - it makes all the work worthwhile that way!

Anthony said...

Interesting use of pork shoulder. That tempts my interest.

Anthony said...

p.s. I am using my son's computer and the ID defaulted to him before I realized it. Anthony =Sylvie.