Friday, January 23, 2009

Soup's on......updated

Quite tasty and hit the spot due to the coolers temps we have been having these last few evenings.

well not quite but it sure is in the works..............making beef barley soup. Which is no big deal but it sure fits with the weather.

What's your favorite soup recipe........send us a link cause I have a feeling soup season is gonna be around for a few more weeks. I'm a cream soup lover but beef barley just seems to fit the bill today and I also had these meaty beef shanks that I had to use.

Stay tuna'd for a photo maybe and a review from Mr Doodles.

I might also add that our very own "lil bird" and her sweet husband attended the inauguration this past week as well as one of our favorite bloggers Sylvie. Go check out their blogs for photos of the historic event and see if they thawed out yet!!!


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What's this.

Mary Ruth said...

I LOVE soup in the winter. We store things such as asperagus bottom of stems and vegetables in small portions in the freezer from our garden.

When I want to make a soup, I do not really follow a recipe, I do it like my grandmother did it on the farm in Nova Scotia, A pot on the stove, then I 'shop' from my fridge and freezer. I have herbs that I dry from my garden for the winter too.

Your soup looks interesting, I must try something like it!

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