Friday, April 11, 2008

Free is our favorite flavor*, **

For curiosity, we track how many people come to PBE. We use a nifty little free app called Site Meter. What I've noticed lately are where our visits come from.

Food Porn Watch
Blogs of Note Archive (we are eternally grateful for that mention)
Some other blog who have listed our link on their site; cool

Play with food
Refining Life
The Big Fat Indian Dream
Femme in the Green Sneakers
Carbs and Diet Coke
Joanna's Food
Kaylyn's Kitchen
C is for cooking
Mixed Salad Annie
Laura Rebecca's Kitchen
Soul Fusion Kitchen

Sorry if I missed mentioning anyone, these are the referrals that came up recently. We do appreciate the advertising and will reciprocate by adding addition blogs to our list, just e-mail us.

Editor's note:*"Free is my favorite flavor" is a quote attributed to lil bird and I've used it quite freely.

** note from lil bird: actually, i usually say "free is my favorite four letter word that starts with f." and if you know me, you know how liberal i am with the f-bombs! ;)


Joanna said...

Hi ... thanks for the link, I always like reading your various posts. Free is my favourite flavour, too ;)

And lovely to have some new-to-me blogs to explore

Thanks for sharing

Alison said...

Thanks for the link back. I've enjoyed checking out the recipes you guys have posted so far! I always leave here hungry lol. :)

sparrow said...

Hi, you have been on my blogroll for a while. Thanks for letting me hang out in your cyber kitchen. I am not foodie blog, but occasionally get the gastric juices moving (see today's post)

giz said...

It's so cool that this food blogging world is a friendly place.

Anonymous said...